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Pork TenderloinPork Tenderloin

When using this Secret Sauce with Pork, any cut will do but I have found the tenderloin to be the best. Be careful when purchasing a tenderloin, many are sold already in a marinade----buyer beware!

Marinade in a zip lock bag with sauce just covering the meat for 1-2 hours.

Best BBQed for 20-30 minutes rolling every 5 minutes. Drizzle sauce on with every roll. If roasted in oven, preheat @450, place in a roasting pan, turn temp down to 375 and baste ever 10 minutes- for 25-30 minutes. Always check your meat for desired color-white is completely cooked. Pink is med rare.

Best accompanied with:
  • Long grain and wild rice 
          Always use chicken broth instead of water and add some pine nuts to the rice when ½ cooked for an extra nutty flavor. Wild mushrooms are a nice flavor as well---add these at the end of cooking. *
  • Sauté Baby Carrots and Snow Peas 
         Heat up skillet with a bit of olive oil, add carrots and toss for 5 minutes, then add snow peas for 2 minutes. A nice addition for color is some red bell pepper. Pepper and (very little) salt to taste.

If you aren’t watching carb’s serve with warm crusty bread and soft butter!!!!!!! 

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