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About The Secret

It all began when...

Oh what can I say, I really don't know where it all began specifically. It just evolved as all great things do---Maybe it was when we had to find something to go on that fresh salmon in Northern California, or the pork for a tailgate party. Whenever or wherever, it was the one thing we could count on, especially because so much of my menus are experimental.

This sauce has had the pleasure of being featured at dinner parties overlooking Napa Valley, a rehearsal dinner at a vineyard on the north shore of Long Island, at a wedding on an estate in the Hamptons and at tailgate parties for many events including as far west as Stanford and as far east as the University of Maine. But most importantly it has been used at many barbeques and get- togethers that have blessed my home and those of friends and family.

So if I must confess, the secret is love (which isn't such a big secret).

I have more pwease?----George Jr. age 2

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