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Secret SauceRecipes

Some great recipes & serving suggestions from Ann Marie’s Kitchen. Just click any of the selections below for full recipes! 

"As a gourmet cook I have been making my own marinades for years, 
I finally
found one that rivals my own that I can use with confidence"
~ Richard San Francisco

Easy and Healthy Everyday Menu Suggestions
    Smoothies to start your day
    Grilled veggie & chicken wraps

    Broccoli Salad
    Chinese Chicken Salad

Valentines Day Dinner
    *As seen on TV
    Caesar Salad, Heart Healthy Spaghetti Squash 
    with roasted chicken and sauce
    Cannolis for dessert
Holiday Hors d’oeuvres *As seen on TV
    Baked Brie in puff pastry
    Steak toastettes
    Artichoke Heart Dip

Easy and Elegant Desserts
    Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie
    Fruit Trifle
    Fruit Pizza
    Easter cake with lemon filling and coconut frosting

Super Bowl Nachos
       *As seen on TV

Meatballs                        *As seen on TV

Pork Tenderloin
With long grain wild rice, sautéed baby carrots & snow peas!

Rib Eye Steak
With roasted sweet potatoes & fresh baby spinach!

Keep checking, the recipes are always changing.

”The secret sauce has made me a better barbecuer”
---Mark, Bangor ME

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