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Dinner Party

Dinner Party for six in Bar Harbor, Maine.  A lovely gathering of friends on the beautiful coast of Maine! What more could you want except for some fabulous food!  The menu was selected in collaboration with the hostess and Ann Marie.  With the season being summer, everything was as fresh as it gets.
The Menu:
  • Sun-dried tomato and pesto terrine
  • Ahi tuna on rice crackers with a wasbi and sour cream sauce
  • Baked tomato and mozzarella toastettes
Main Event:
  • Sockeye and Atlantic salmon with Ann Marie’s Secret Sauce
  • Long grain and wild rice with pine nuts and portabella mushrooms
  • Sautéed snow peas, baby carrots and red bell peppers


  • Lemon cake with fresh Maine blueberries
  • Coffee and tea


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