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A Wedding in the Hamptons.  It was summer and right on the ocean.  Luckily enough it was a gorgeous day.  Just in case, we had the estate lawn tented.  The tables were clothed in white with baskets of pink and white geraniums for the guests to take as the centerpieces.  The dinner was a buffet, and the table was covered in fresh peonies and lilacs. Glorious, absolutely glorious!

The Menu:
  • A tiered antipasto arrangement: Salami’s, Italian meats, cheeses, olives, marinated mushrooms and various other goodies.
  • Spinach dip in a crusty bread bowl with summer vegetables and crackers
  • Baked Brie with mustards and chutneys
  • Roasted mixed nuts
Main Course:
  • Curried Chicken Salad (brides request) with grapes and almonds
  • Mediterranean Couscous with brandied fruit
  • Tex-Mex Caesar Salad with fresh roasted corn
  • Avocado and mandarin oranges in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Grilled asparagus with garlic and Parmesan cheese
  • Rolls and crusty breads


  • Half a salmon poached in wine, lemon, and dill
  • Grilled Pork tenderloin marinated in Ann Marie’s Secret Sauce
  • Tri Tips marinated in a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce


  • Wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers


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